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We stand for and advocate a filter-free beauty. We support raw, and authentic exquisiteness of every individual that’s totally unique. Through professionalism and responsibility, we exclusively take the lead in providing our customers proven-effective skincare products to varied demographics:

Young Professionals

We ensure that our prudently-developed items are safe for all skin types. Safely formulated products are our commitment and promise to all our consumers.

Mannered by professionals with unmatched experience in the wellness industry, skincare and beauty trends, UNFILTERED prides itself to pull together a unique combination of people, products, and service philosophy— chief components to promote uncomplicated routine, hence the SIMPLIFIED SKINCARE.

Meet the CEO

A philanthropist, an award-winning producer, a mom, an entrepreneur, and driven leader. Clearly, Rina Navarro has gone to great lengths of fields to prove that she’s a woman of substance carrying a multitude of competencies under her sleeves.

Community-building and supporting noteworthy causes are her innate passion. Empowering lives and providing opportunities are her calling. Rina Navarro is esteemed to have an indulgence of undertaking all of these.

As the empire’s Chief-Executive-Officer, Rina is always reminded of a true stature of UNFILTERED-- more than a brand, it’s a character poised to deliver a message of encouragement to everyone to love themselves and show the world who they are.

Mission vision


Committed to empowering individuals through skincare products clinically designed and developed to unveil the best in themselves and their complexion.


UNFILTERED envisions itself to be the leader and top-of-mind skincare brand that provide beneficial results to every consumer worldwide. A brand known that continuously champions a filter-free beauty.

Unfiltered is the newest game changer in the skin care industry. Our products are developed and manufactured in an ISO-Certified Laboratory, and are FDA approved and certified. This guarantees the safety and excellent quality of our products.
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